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First of all I started uploading songs in newgrounds because I wanted to create songs for my Geometry Dash levels (something that never happened it), at that time I was studying 

basic music theory on a music school of my town but I didn't know anything about music production so thats why all of this songs sound so basic and unpolish. In the procces I noticed that people started leaving some reviews, but because my english was so bad at the time I didn't know how to take it or leave the correct replies to those reviews, so thats why my replies was so dumb. really sorry :(

At the end of 2019 I realised that I really enjoy making electronic music so I decied that is a good idea start learning more in depth in orther to bring a quality result instead of just random songs (yes, I noticed my songs are bad). In 2020 I finished a series of music production courses and started planing what to do.

So what will I do?

This year I want to start some serious projects and decide if is better to keep this nickname and upload all my experimental and serious projects here or split my projects and create a new account with a new nickname for my serious projects. About that, what do you think it's a better idea? also... wich of those genres you want to hear?

(you can pick more than one or recuest others)

Trance, Electrohouse, Complextro, Dance or Dubstep.

I really want to do something nice for every of you.

thanks for all of your support, I really appreciate it.


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